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Define your Market Potential

While leveraging your customer data for success is commendable, how can you gauge whether you are nearing market saturation or if there is untapped potential? Dividuals® provides precise insights into your conquered market share and identifies the remaining accessible market for your business. With coverage down to each street section in Belgium, you gain clarity on where and how much market potential is within reach.

Your challenges

  • How big is my market potential?
  • Where can I find my market potential?
  • Which part of the market potential is acquired and where is my untapped market potential?
  • What are my areas of growth in terms of target group penetration?

Use Dividuals® to

Dividuals® makes it possible to quantify and locate your market potential so you clearly identify your areas of progress.

  • Create a tailored market potential by using your customer data and Dividuals®.
  • Know what your exact market penetration is.
  • Quantify your growth potential and create an acquisition strategy.
  • Locate your market potential on the Belgian territory.

Your benefits

  • Navigate your business based on reliable data about market size & market location.
  • Focus your efforts on targets and areas with important growth potential.
  • Switch to loyalty programs in areas with maximal market penetration.

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Benefit from the granularity and reliability of Dividuals® to determine your market potential and penetration.

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