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Better connections with Belgian consumers

Dividuals® is the most advanced consumer segmentation, offering unparalleled insights into your customer base, pinpointing their locations, and facilitating targeted outreach.

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Really get to know
Belgian consumers

The Belgian market is particularly complex. With its numerous sociodemographic, socio-economic and behavioural disparities, Belgium is a real headache for businesses. However, this market can be very rewarding if you can manage to decipher it.


Marketers, CRM-managers, expansion teams and analysts can now benefit from the power of Dividuals®, an advanced consumer segmentation that enables you to identify your target groups, locate them and understand the individual characteristics that they comprise.

Better connections with
Belgian consumers

Dividuals® categorises Belgian households into 10 segments and 37 sub-segments, utilising over 2.000 variables. This multidimensional perspective on households seamlessly integrates life stages, lifestyles, and behavioural traits into every facet of your business operations.

Their connections are strengthened with Dividuals®

Amplify your business with Dividuals®

Dividuals® can easily be cross-referenced with your client data to create better connections with your clients and prospects through offline and online channels.

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Built upon reliable data sources, advanced data science, and more than 30 years of geomarketing expertise, Dividuals® prioritises GDPR compliance, data quality, and granularity at every stage. This ensures the creation of a resilient consumer segmentation. Dividuals® is regularly updated to adapt to population changes, guaranteeing its relevance and accuracy over time.

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