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Refine your Omnichannel Development

The effectiveness of your omnichannel sales strategy relies on the location of your target groups and points of sale. Leveraging Dividuals® in geomarketing, you gain specific insights into the location of your hotspots, discern the expectations of your target groups, and evaluate the extent of your attainable online and offline market potential.

Your challenges

  • Where should I open points of sale? Which ones should I close or relocate?
  • How large is the market potential of my web shop and point of sale?
  • Which target groups prefer online or offline sales channels?
  • How do online and offline sales channels interact?

Use Dividuals® to

With Dividuals® you can determine precisely your target groups for each channel and how they interact with each other. The geographic granularity of Dividuals® makes it an outstanding solution to identify hotspots and areas of growth.

  • Identify target groups for online and offline sales channels.
  • Integrate Dividuals® data in your geomarketing projects.
  • Visualise the household characteristics within your catchment areas.
  • Analyse which part of your target group is conquered with current sales channels.
  • Calculate the size of your market potential and which part is located within your catchment areas.
  • Identify hotspots and develop an expansion or relocation strategy.

Your benefits

  • Increase the complementarity of your online and offline sales channels.
  • Focus on points of sales with an important growth potential.
  • Open points of sales only at locations with high market potential.

Reach out to us

Unleash the power of Dividuals® for your omnichannel strategy. Reach out to us to use Dividuals® in your geomarketing strategy.

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