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Amplify your marketing ROI

In the pursuit of effective audience targeting, marketers are adapting to the challenges posed by the disappearance of 3rd party cookies and heightened privacy regulations. Dividuals® offers a straightforward solution for enriching your customer data and refining your marketing campaigns through precise segmentation. Additionally, Dividuals® enables seamless interaction with prospects who closely match your customer profile across a spectrum of online and offline marketing channels.

Your challenges

  • How to reach my target group?
  • How to adapt targeting strategies after the disappearance of 3rd party cookies.
  • How to obtain qualified B2C data for direct mailing, emailing or SMS campaigns?
  • How to target my audience on social networks and in SEA campaigns?
  • Which Out of Home solutions to reach my audience?

Use Dividuals® to

Dividuals® consists of a large network of partners to allow you to connect directly with prospects and customers.

  • Organise targeted door-to-door.
  • Obtain qualified B2C-lists for direct mailing, emailing and SMS.
  • Perform online campaigns and use online audiences for social media, bannering and search engine advertising.
  • Advertise on Out of Home and Digital Out of Home based on the presence of your target group or consumer affinities.

Your benefits

  • Improve targeting of marketing campaigns and increase their ROI.
  • Target well-qualified audiences, minimise friction, reduce environmental impact, and cut distribution costs.
  • Increase the personalisation of marketing campaigns.
  • Focus only on target groups with the highest potential for your company.

Reach out to us

Contact us to determine the best channels and targeting options to achieve your marketing goals by using Dividuals®.

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