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Dividuals® segmentation classes the entire Belgian population on the basis of common characteristics. When you sign up to Dividuals®, you get the benefit of its specifications.

A precise and detailed classification of the population

Our Dividuals® segmentation provides a granular and precise distribution of Belgian households. Dividuals® covers the entire Belgian population with 10 segments and 37 sub-segments. Each of these Dividuals® (sub-)segments consists of households with common characteristics.

Download the factsheet of our 10 segments and 37 sub-segments.

A constantly evolving product

The population and its characteristics change over time, which is why we regularly update our Dividuals® database to guarantee you the best reliability and a vision of the market that is always relevant.

Dividuals® is a growing database that can be enriched with content by adding new information.

A product integrating life stages

A life stage-centric product strategy lies at the core of Dividuals’ approach. Each segment within Dividuals is meticulously aligned with a specific life stage, defined by the intersection of family composition, age and wealth.

Different geographic levels available

The projection of our Dividuals® segmentation is based on a micro-geographic approach. Dividuals® is available at different geographic scales:

  • Street section: this is the section of a street located between two crossroads and containing at least 10 households.
  • Census district: also referred to as a neighbourhood. This is a defined area containing several streets and limited to a single municipality. Belgium has nearly 20.000 of these.
  • Postcode: this is a defined area within a municipality. It is larger than a census district and smaller than or similar to a municipality. Belgium has more than 1.100 of these.

Explore sub-segments in an interactive dashboard

When you receive Dividuals® data, it is accompanied by an interactive dashboard for the user. This allows you to explore all the (sub-)segments and their respective characteristics.

Factors: for a better understanding of the differences between segments

When you purchase a Dividuals® street section licence, you also obtain access to the factors. The factors are a distillation of the basic data used to construct Dividuals®, and are summarised into four main variables that are ideal for statistical modelling.

Factors are ideal for helping you build advanced statistical models that will allow you to better understand and target your customers. There are similarities between factors and the Dividuals® segmentation, but their uses are different. While Dividuals® provides a single qualitative code to describe a street section, the factors give four continuous scores for each street section.

Four factors are available with the Dividuals® street section licence:


The income factor describes a population in terms of household income.


The age factor describes a population based on the age of the oldest person in the household.

Household size

The household size factor describes a population based on the number of people in each household.

Type of housing

The “type of housing” factor describes the type of housing in which a population lives (detached houses and individual housing vs. terraced houses and multiple-unit housing).

Dividuals® can be contracted through a data license, consultancy approaches or directly integrated in partner solutions. Find out more to get started with Dividuals®.