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Improve your data quality

Ensuring the accuracy of your customer data poses a major challenge in CRM management, casting a substantial impact on marketing campaigns, marketing analyses and predictive models. By prioritising investments in data quality and enrichment, you can achieve customer data of unparalleled precision. Group clients into households, create golden records, flag movers, and incorporate Dividuals® segmentation into every customer record. This systematic approach eradicates inaccuracies, preparing you to maximise the ROI of your marketing actions.

Your challenges

  • How to create unique client records in my database?
  • How to group clients from the same household?
  • Are postal addresses of customers up-to-date?
  • Is all information available correctly spelled?
  • How can I gain deeper insight in the sociodemographic, socioeconomic and environmental characteristics of customers, and their expectations?

Use Dividuals® to

By performing a checkup of your database by one of the Dividuals® partners you can validate and correct your customer data and enrich it with Dividuals®.

  • Your customer database is compared to a reference base containing 80% of the adult population in Belgium.
  • Erroneous data is flagged and you can choose to correct all or part of your data in function of your priorities.
  • Create unique client records by using a refence database containing digital, postal and identification information. Add unique identifiers to each customer.
  • Based on your customer data Dividuals® can be added to each record of your database.

Your benefits

  • Ensure reach of your customers with their correct coordinates and attributes.
  • Improve client loyalty, the quality of analyses and the ROI of marketing campaigns.
  • Increase the robustness of predictive models.
  • Segment and personalise communications by using Dividuals®.
  • Perform customer analyses per Dividuals® customer segment like RFM, average basket, CLV, …

Reach out to us

Contact us to audit your customer data base and enrich it with Dividuals®.

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