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About Dividuals®

Navigating the complex and dynamic landscape of the Belgian market presents a constant challenge for companies. Yet, for those with the ability to unravel its complexities, it unveils substantial market potential. With an extensive background of over 30 years in geomarketing, SIRIUS Insight has developed the most advanced consumer segmentation in the Belgian market. This empowers companies to establish meaningful connections with their target groups and enhance business outcomes.

With Dividuals® you can visualise the diversity of all Belgian consumers

  • Classification in 10 segments and 37 sub-segments based on similarities.
  • Organised in life stages taking wealth, age and family composition into account.
  • Including sociodemographic, socio-economic, housing, environmental and behavioural characteristics.
  • Available for all street sections in Belgium.
  • 100% GDPR compliant.
  • Read more about the technical specifications.

Better connections with Belgian consumers

Dividuals® categorises Belgian households into 10 segments and 37 sub-segments, utilising over 2.000 variables. This multidimensional perspective on households seamlessly integrates life stages, lifestyles, and behavioural traits into every facet of your business operations.

More than 2.000 variables to describe your target group

Dividuals® integrates +2.000 variables to understand your target group and activate them properly. Our thematic databases include themes such as:

  • Sociodemographic & socioeconomic data
  • Housing type & equipment
  • Professional context
  • Leisure & holidays
  • Buying preferences (online & offline)
  • Mobility habits
  • Food preferences & facilities
  • Media consumption
  • Pharma and beauty products

Dividuals®, one solution
for many departments

Many departments within a company benefit from the investment in Dividuals®. Many companies in B2C industries going from finance, retail to automotive, online platforms and much more leverage the power of Dividuals®.

  • Marketing & CRM
  • Location Planning
  • Business Intelligence & analytics departments
  • Customer insight & market insight departments

Strengths of Dividuals®

  • Highly reliable data.
  • Compliance with the GDPR.
  • Integration and connection with your databases.
  • More than 2.000 variables for understanding characteristics and behaviour.
  • Representative of all Belgian households.
  • Street section precision.
  • Scalable solution, frequent updates.
  • Numerous possible uses.